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    Save When You Buy Online - Keep Track of Your Online Savings Year-To-Date and All Time.

    By buying online, you can save money with each purchase. The Online Shop gives you an immediate discount on every order you place online, which is automatically deducted from your cart total on checkout.

    Every time your order is invoiced, your online savings wallet updates with how much money you have saved. You can see the amount saved for the current year, labelled as called YTD or "year-to-date" and now you can also your all time savings, which is how much you have saved since the first day you started using Macsteel's Online Shop.

    Please note the online savings you accumulate displays how much money you have saved by buying online.

    Online savings on home page

    The virtual online savings wallet can be seen once you are logged in, on the top right of your screen, and also under the "My Account" section on the "Account Transactions" page.

    Online savings on account transactions

    When you are shopping online, you will see the net price (ex VAT), as well as the online discounted price (ex VAT) for each product in your cart. The online discounted price (ex VAT) takes into account the online savings discount.

    You can also see how the online savings affects your total cart value in the "Summary" section on your cart.

    Online Savings On Cart Screen

    For any questions, please contact the E-commerce team on or 011 871 0300

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