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    Shipping & Delivery


    Every effort is made to effect shipment of your order timeously. However, circumstances may cause delays and if your order is delayed for any reason, our sales representatives will contact you via email or telephonically and provide you with a revised shipping schedule.

    Lead times

    Please note that lead time is dependent on stock availability. Should we have stock available, orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. If we do not have stock, or you have placed an order with items that are on back-order, please contact our sales representatives to find out when we will be receiving stock.

    Unless we state a specific limitation, we will attempt to have sufficient advertised stock available to meet customers’ anticipated demands. If we still run out of stock, we will attempt to obtain the stock, or we will offer you a reasonable alternative.

    Not finding what you are looking for?

    Please phone Macsteel Trading Cape Town to see if they can help you 021 950 5500