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    New Functionality: Statements Now Available Online

    Macsteel’s Online Shop ( is continuously striving to exceed our customers’ needs. We are proud to announce that statements are also now available for you to access and download online.

    Please note that statements are only available online for Macsteel Trading, PIpes & Fittings and Fluid Control branches online. Statements for other divisions will have to be requested from Macsteel's debtors department if not received via email each month.

    How to request access to statements online

    If you would like access to the Online Shop to be able to access your statements, we need your written consent. Please send a request to

    Please ensure to include the following in your email:

    • Your Company Name
    • Your Account Number
    • The full name, email address and job title of the person requesting access to statements
    • The full name and job title of the manager granting authorization, their email address and contact number.

    Once your access to the online shop has been processed

    You will be able to log in to the Online Shop, and download your 30 day, 60 day and 90 day statements at your convenience – it’s quick and easy.

    Please note that 30 day statements will be available from the 3rd working day of the month.

    Statements Available Online

    Should you have any enquiries or suggestions please feel free to contact the E-commerce team on 011 871 0300 or alternatively via email

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